"That Child Got Talent" (TCGT) is a full-service film, video and live event production and production management company. TCGT's team background gives us the flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our clients.  We continually adopt newly innovative and interesting techniques for both live events and film/video creation. We bring together a plethora of individuals under a single umbrella. This gives us the edge in sustaining abilities to provide comprehensive, end-to-end film and live event production along with promotion solutions. Providing quality products, development through fruition! 



In July of 2009 two old high school friends got together over dinner to "catch up" on the life they had been leading as the years apart never really tore them apart.  They were best friends in high school and that friendship never died. After "catching up" for three hours one of the friends, Joy, asked the other, Nerissa, "What do you want to do in life?"  Nerissa answered, "give people jobs and have fun doing it!"  That Chile Got Talent was born at that table that night with Nerissa and Joy sitting there until the restaurant closed figuring out just what the company would be and better yet what it would become.  Two women who simply had nothing but time to loose made a choice to follow their dreams and never let it go.  Over the course of the next five years Joy and Nerissa managed and arranged more than 100 events all over the Boston and South Shore area.  In 2011 Nerissa decided to go back to school and get her MFA in Film Production from Emerson College.  Joy decided to grow her family and had another child.  All while still hosting events and setting a name for themselves in the community.  Nerissa produced films and Joy provided the necessary Graphics to make the projects come alive.  In the spring of 2014 Joy stepped down from TCGT, but Nerissa still held on and is still the CEO of the organization today.  Since Nerissa's graduation in May of 2015 she has taken TCGT Entertainment to the next level by building an infrastructure of talented women who bring their A game to the table for each and every event, film or conference. The management never stops and the goal to grant jobs to those whom society seems to over look has never died.  We employ at minimum of 10 people per live event. Our roster of independent contractors continues to grow.  We are proud to provide an outlet for our veterans, as well as, mothers who need mother's hours.  TCGT Entertainment has become a standard in the City of Boston and we aim to live up to it everyday!






Hyams Foundation

Boston Public Schools Office of Equity

National Center for Race Amity (NCRA)

Liptunes Music

Sarah's Hope Educational Foundation


YouBYou Photography


Press Pass TV

Northern Light Productions

Massachusetts Production Coalition